Spa is More Than an Amenity: 2018 Wellness Trends from the Global Wellness Summit

Wellness has never been about an hour on a spa table.

It is imperative to apply all aspects of wellness to elicit changes that will have enduring results.

And, as humans we need narratives to help us integrate lifestyle change after we leave the spa sanctuary and return home. Such narratives, constructed like a Hero's Journey or mythic cycle, must align with the environment of the spa and listen respectfully to the ancient healing arts of the peoples who lived and learned there.

Whether it is a thermal spring, nearby seawater, unique minerals from a mountain, or indigenous herbs, start onsite.

Find the things which make people vibrantly alive in that place, and apply them.

This is not just a positioning or branding exercise; it transforms the wellness offering into a "must have" for health.

Let's leave the notion of spa as a pleasure amenity; that is a losing proposition in the competitive landscape and a failing to our guests.

Do not dismiss wellness as pampering; you could say the same of gelato. I KNOW we can do so much more. We can save lives, bring back health, and restore balance.

I'm happy to see new insights from the Global Wellness Summit that affirm this: